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Bing Improves Search Experience for Hotels, Home Services, and Coupons

Bing Improves Search Experience for Hotels, Home Services, and Coupons Bing has rolled out several new “intelligent search” features that are designed to overcome challenges when searching for hotels, home services, and coupons. These new features will help searchers by allowing them to: Estimate and compare hotel prices across multiple providers Discover insights to make the right trade-offs around the price of home services Get more savings on products through a new deals experience Bing is building on a hotel search feature it released back in May, which aggregates prices from third party booking sites. It’s now being enhanced with tips, price trends, and a comparison view. When users search for hotels in Bing, they will now see booking tips which competing options they may not have considered. Bing will also provide historical price trends for the date range a user is exploring. Lastly, a new comparison view provides a comprehensive overview of pricing by hotel option. A partnership with Porch will now allow Bing to display cost ranges for home services. As prices may vary by location, data is specific to the zip code in which the user is searching from. Bing will also help users collect quotes for home services with a simple “Get Quote” button. Clicking the button will bring up a pre-populated request form on Yelp. Users can send a bulk request to up to 10 providers at once.

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emerald-green-heels-screenshot So if there’s ever a way to provide all of the color combinations possible in the same page (using a dropdown menu and JavaScript or something similar), I’m always a fan of that. If you’re selling something like T-shirts, for example, people probably want to know what colors that particular style is available in and are less likely to search for [purple scoop neck tee]. However, there are situations where users are color-centric. For example, if I’m searching for a pair of shoes to match a dress I’m wearing to an awards banquet, I’m likely to search something like [emerald green heels]. In that case, it’s important to come up in search results for your emerald green heels. So the first step is to consider if your product is one where specific colors are important to user happiness. The second concern you should consider is duplication of effort. Consider how much effort it would take to write custom copy for each color of each product and consider the possible return on that investment of time and resources. Do you have unlimited resources and you just want to do everything you can to rank well? Maybe it’s worth it to you to write custom copy for each color.

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He put away the feast inside 20 minutes to beat the challenge set by cafe owner Mark Ezekiel. The fry-up included four bacon rashers, four eggs, four sausages, a burger and chips, plus plenty of trimmings. The "Can't Stand Me Now" singer is well-known in the Kent town where the band are building a studio and hotel. "He had his dog with him, that's why he sat outside," Mr Ezekiel said. "We said 'you can't feed your dog or the challenge is void'. "He said it's a £4,500 dog and I'm not giving him fried food." However, Mr Ezekiel said only some of the breakfast - which he estimates contains about 4,000 calories - was fried. Image caption Staff at Dalby Cafe said Doherty was "pretty chuffed" with his achievement The cafe owner said Doherty was a regular in the area, but this was his first visit to the cafe. "People chat to him and he's very friendly," Mr Ezekiel said. "He's really down to earth. Even my sister bumped into him walking his dog." Image caption The musician's name will now be added to the Wall of Fame The cafe's "beast of a breakfast" menu comprises four eggs, four bacon rashers, four sausages, a quarter-pound burger, hash browns, mushrooms, chips, onion rings, bubble and squeak, two slices of thick bread and a choice of beans or tomatoes. Diners also get a mug of tea or coffee to wash it down, although Mr Ezekiel said Doherty also had a strawberry milkshake.

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